Culver City, CA

In May 2018, the skies over Culver City will pulse with light, something strange and unexplainable will happen. Dare to walk with us into a different realm. Dare to taste what lies beyond the reach of normal human senses.

Come one, come all to Tablerock, an immersive experience by Happy Hour Agency in collaboration with artists Kriss Knapp and Kent and Kam (kk), inspired by the extraterrestrial tales of West Texas and New Mexico. Food will be served by Hello Stranger, a bar/restaurant + music venue rooted in the low-rider culture of East L.A. and the sounds of soul that helped create it.

Welcome to the mothership.

You are a traveler, road-tripping across Texas with friends and family until you stumbled upon an interesting outpost near a national monument called TABLEROCK. You can see the glorious mountain faintly in the distance and it almost feels like it’s calling your name, but you get distracted and have a drink with your friends, family and a few strangers at this outpost until you notice the vessels you’re consuming out of mean something greater.

Around the outpost, you notice the TABLEROCK motif grow stronger and more familiar. You learn slowly that TABLEROCK is a construct that exists to provide a portal between humans and an alien race. You’re curious to learn about this world and go deeper into the rabbit-hole. As you dive deeper into the documents, someone taps you on the shoulder. Someone, not from this world, greets you...