Los Angeles, CA

Kumo (雲) is a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience in which cloud bearers explore a dreamscape of digital, physical, and sensory installations and enter into an environment unlike any other.

From the entrance to exit, Kumo captures the beauty of exploration, the fear of uncertainty, and the journey of life through an ethereal environment with endless interpretations. As they navigate through the alcoves, corners and corridors of this lush cloudscape, they will discover the secret that lies within Kumo.

Ascend into a world above our own.

There’s a space between the ground and the sky where we don’t know who we are anymore.

You were on your way home when the lightness overtook you. The ground suddenly felt further, the air becomes lighter, and the rambunctiousness of the city below slowly faded away until all you could hear was the natural sound of your own body. The higher you went, the more levity felt like a natural situation.

Your heart glowed as if you swallowed some beautiful spark of electricity.

As you ascended above the buildings, and ascended above the mountains, and ascended into the constellations, there was no longer a you or a me, but just an us - self-contained molecules in a vast ocean of air. You ingested the atmosphere, and it became a part of you.

You noticed others - men in well-trimmed suits, women in their evening gowns, children in oversized hand-me-downs - scattered throughout the stars alongside you. Each of them, in their own way, shined like a beacon through the tranquil sky. As you collectively crossed the great Milky Way and past Ursa Major, the darkness dissipated.

You all inhaled the atmosphere. Together, you knew the destination, and chose the route accordingly.

Above it all, words were communicated through emotion, and the mind merged with the body. Thoughts expanded and compressed, appearing as a vibrant watercolor of experiences - many became whole, and the whole became one. Your heavy heart began to overflow, and in the same manner you collectively ascended, you each descended back to the world below.

The familiar smell of rain on asphalt fills the air.

The rainy season began earlier this year. Perhaps it will last longer as well.