San Diego, California

In collaboration with Wonderspaces, Ama is an experiential hospitality installation embedded within a corner room at the historic Lafayette Hotel, designed to fully immerse guests in an underwater world.

Inspired by the hotel’s iconic pool and deeply linked to the pearl diving traditions of Japan, the experience captures the way we find comfort in nostalgia and that feeling of the first time we ever dove into the deep end and stared up at the sun. From check-in to spending a night in the room, guests will be submerged into the depths of Ama.

Dive into the deep.

She calls you through crashing waves and rising tides. Her voice, like yours, had been trapped in the corners of a forgotten shell until someone cared to listen. And you did. The ocean always embraced you when no one else did. A mile away, the sand gives way to growing pines and an old truck hums down a dirt road. But here, tranquil and aware, you fill your ears with the ocean’s secrets as you enter into her shoreless depths. And deeper and deeper you dive as if you’re chasing the vanishing sun.

Deeper and deeper.

Into the deep.